AETOS BIOLOGICS is a provider of high quality pre-clinical biosimilars with exemplary processes that scale up robustly in manufacturing. With the fastest gene to clinical manufacturing timeline in the industry, you can shave off 100’s of millions of dollars in lost opportunity costs and recurring manufacturing losses with the AETOS Platform.

The AETOS Biosimilars Platform includes the exclusive license for the CELLTHEON SMARTâ„¢ platform for biosimilars and Process Development know-how. The AETOS Biosimilars Platform and a full pipeline of pre-clinical biosimilars are available for licensing by partner(s) desirous of commercialization of biosimilars for the Global market.



  1. Pall Corporation And Aetos Biologics Partner To Deliver Integrated, Off-The-Shelf Biosimilar Manufacturing Solutions
  2. Pall Corporation and Aetos Biologics form partnership