AETOS BIOLOGICS is a California Corporation that was spun out from CELLTHEON CORPORATION in 2017.

Celltheon was started in 2012 to develop the next generation Cell Line Development (CLD) technologies and platform for the development of biotherapeutics. The Celltheon SMART™ platform was built with an exhaustive approach to protein expression engineering, resulting in unprecedented consistency in producing high titer cell lines, regardless of protein complexity. 100+ novel molecules have been developed to date on the CELLTHEON SMART™ platform for clients. To further put its CLD technology to benchmark tests, Celltheon built a series of biosimilars using its platform.

Development of biosimilar molecules (many of which are hard to express proteins) requires stringent matching of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) to the originator molecules. As a testimony to the robustness of the CELLTHEON SMART™ platform, not only did the platform succeed in matching CQAs of each of the innovator molecules with minimum process changes, but was able to do it robustly in repeated runs. With a track record of success for each of its biosimilar molecules, AETOS BIOLOGICS was spun out of CELLTHEON with an exclusive license for the CELLTHEON SMART™ platform to build preclinical biosimilars.

Management Team

AETOS has assembled a formidable Gene to Product team comprising of seasoned industry veterans experienced in Development, Manufacturing, Clinicals, Global Regulatory and Commercialization.

  • Amita Goel/MS, Founder & CEO: Celltheon, Gilead, Elan
  • Gene Burton/PhD, Chief Scientific Officer: Bayer, Genentech
  • Stuart Gallant/PhD, VP Analytics/QA/Manufacturing: Anthera, Coherus, Bayer
  • Divya Goel/MBS, VP Business Development: Celltheon, Tetralogic

Board of Directors

  • Amita Goel/MS, Founder & CEO: Celltheon, Gilead, Elan
  • Anurag Goel/MS: Altierre, SIEMENS, McDonnell Douglas, Amada R&D

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Guriq Basi/PhD, Antibody Engineering: Prothena, Elan
  • Ian Larson/MBA, Plant Manufacturing: Dome Construction, Baxter
  • Carlos Garcia/PhD, Purification Development: Gilead, Pfizer